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My Sessions at UC2009

I’m speaking at the User Conference this year, with a half-day tutorial and three further sessions. The running theme is performance, both in terms of the performance of your queries, and in terms of scaling up. Scale Up, Scale Out, and High Avail… Continue reading

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DTrace in MySQL: Documentation and a MySQL University Session

DTrace has been something that I’ve been trying to get into the MySQL server for more than a year now. After a combination of my own patches and working with Mikael Ronstrom and Alexey Kopytov we finally have a suite of probes in MySQL 6.0.8. Bett… Continue reading

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LOSUG Presentation Slides Now Available

My presentation at LOSUG on tuesday went down like a house on fire – I think it would be safe to say that the phrase for the evening was ‘It’s a cache!’. For that to make sense, you need to look at the slides, which are now available here. Attenda… Continue reading

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LOSUG January: MySQL/DTrace and Memcached

Next Tuesday (27th Jan), I’ll be speaking at the London OpenSolaris User Group again. For those that follow the LOSUG meetings, we normally the third thursday of the month, but due to the overwhelming popularity of the event this month (more 100 r… Continue reading

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Multiple VCS Updates and Cleanups

I spend a lot of time updating a variety of different repositories of different varieties and denominations, and I hate having to do that all by hand – I’d rather just go up into a top-level directory and say update-all and let a script work out w… Continue reading

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MySQL University: MySQL and OpenSolaris

On Thursday, November 13, 2008 (14:00 UTC / 14:00 BST / 15:00 CET), I’ll be presenting a MySQL University session on MySQL and OpenSolaris. The presentation will be similar to the presentation I did at the London OpenSolaris Users Group in July, y… Continue reading

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Compiling MySQL Workbench on Gentoo

The Workbench team have just announced the release of Workbench for Linux, including binary packages and source packages with instructions on how to build. I’m a Gentoo Linux user, so I prefer building from source, and you’ll need to emerge the fo… Continue reading

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